Take the time to get to know Egyptian modern culture! Many customs, norms and values in daily life originated in the pharaonic civilization. These days, life is influenced strongly by Islam. In the West the view of this religion can be quite distorted. By getting to know the people, who are known for their warmth and hospitality, you will enrich your life.

The natural surroundings are also fascinating. The desert with all its colours, the Nile, the sugar cane plantations, the farms, the small villages, the setting sun.

There are many possibilities to discover the surroundings: by camel, donkey or horse, on your bike, by car or by felukka. Some of the many possibilities:

  • Take a Felukka trip on the Nile, romantic and peaceful trip on a traditional sailboat at sunset (also a trip taking off from Aswan of several days duration)
  • Journey by donkey/camel/horse through sugar cane fields/villages on the West bank or the mountains (Valley of the Kings)
  • Bicycle trip, get to know the area in your own way
  • Camel market in Daraw (170 km)
  • Music/dance, attend an Egyptian wedding; listen to and/or participate in Egyptian folklore – when there is sufficient interest this can be organised at the guesthouse
  • Western Desert, a trip which takes several days. If the numbers are sufficient it is possible to arrange a trip, taking a few days to visit the least populated, least touristic area of Egypt. An area of immense space, breathtaking natural beauty and peace with small, bedouin oasis villages. This trip will leave an indelible impression on you.